Wednesday, July 30, 2008

i fall on my butt

i was rushing into class cause from far
i can see my chemistry tutorial teacher had just enter the class

my shoe
its the most slippery pair of shoe i had even wear
cause the corak underneath has totally worn out

i was walking down a slope

although i'm not having loads of books on my hand
n it aint raining; the road is dry, not wet

but then
out of a suddent
my butt is on the ground
oh great.......
i fall on my butt

what the heck
how embarrassing was that

Chye Chee was around that instant
i think she see me fall
She was SHOCKED !!!

few scratches on my left hand
my luck nowadays
where have all my Karma goes??
come back to me please......
yea, i'm begging T.T


WaN HoE said...

poor butt of yours. teruk la you, tak update pun for so long tsk tsk. dunno busy what ;P

GraceT said...

busy emo+ing

WaN HoE said...