Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR of 2009 !

2008, not a perfect year I would have say.
I've lost enough in this year. This year of 18-year-old.
I've lost much in the case of, freedom, care freeness, time, places, and so...
But then, I've gain something I never thought of...
something I'll never know and never come across IF I does not leave home for what I'm doing now.


你看我笑 不代表我快乐
你看我沉默 不代表我神伤

想要走进我的心里世界 没有你想象那么简单

阴晴不定 漂浮不稳
几时落脚 何时起飞 我自己也不知晓 怎么给你个肯定呢?

是自己封闭了与外面世界的接触 是自己自卑自负
too much of contingencies
too much of unpredictable possibilities
too much of uncertainty
make me way too tired.....

Shall I start a very New Year,
Yes, true enough, with
A Very New Smile
A Very New Spirit
A Very New Energy
A Very New Hope
A Very New Wish
and put Faith on A VERY NEW ME

after what I've been through
I appreciate all the hopes given on me
I appreciate all the helping hands landed on me in case of need
I appreciate all the smile shone on your faces towards me
I appreciate every text messeges, every phone calls, every greet and every smile
Yes, I Do... and I'm not kidding you
I stand upon because of all this.
and never to forget every bloody events that happended whole year round
They happened, for a reason, I believe
Whatever the reason is
Whatever God is planning above us
What had happened, just let it be

To my beloved Family, my dad, my mom, my sis, my bro and others;
To my beloved a.k.a Dear Elaine;
To my beloved a.k.a brotherS;
To my beloved Friends;
I shall take this opportunity to say THANK YOU.
THANK YOU for being here with me in times of happiness;
THANK YOU for smiling at me to give me warmth;
THANK YOU for standing by me in times of loneliness;
THANK YOU for never given up on me in times of sadness and down;
in short - THANK YOU!

I started this blog, around 11.15pm in the college's tennis court
We were there, to wait for the moment of 00:00AM of 2009
We were there, to Welcome the arriving of 2009
I finished up this blog, on my hostel room bed
and its 1:11AM of 1st January 2009

Start from the moment of 00:00AM
Its a New Year, and I'll leave my 18th behind
Welcoming 19th soon.
Shall it be a Joyful and Wonderful year!
to me, and to everyone.

2008 完结篇。

HAPPY NEW YEAR of 2009 !

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