Sunday, September 14, 2008

Volleyball ... in badminton court !!!


Was supposed to go for badminton, like usual
Friday evening is always sports time
cause its Friday night ady marr
in this hell place, takkan go clubbing =.=

so as usual, badminton in Dewan Utama
after just awhile
Japth came with an idea -volleyball-
p/s: Volleyball, in badminton court
duhh, whatever, don't care
just play

but I really tak tau volleyball nehh
the only thing I know about it is
after playing volleyball
for sure, your arms will get swollen @.@

so, we started volleyball'ing
and I really tak tau volleyball =.=

Japth: aiya... just hit it like u imagine u hit your boyfriend..
Good Point!!
so the ball come soaring towards me
n 'pokk' !!
walau...... damn pain man after a few hits
although still 'boh latt boh latt' (no energy in hokkien)
but man, my right arms is still swollen until now =.='''


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