Saturday, September 6, 2008

Moral Lecture


I'm in lecture hall, having moral class

Robson text me;
"Don study or day dream ha... Pay attention to teacher..."

He text me again;
"Don read massage... Please pay attention to your friend"

The 3rd massage;
"How many times should i tell you? Don sms or read message... Pay your respect to your friend in front..."

Ohh, not to worry, I'm not texting in the class...

Ri Hui was sitting beside me,
he pointed on my lap and said: 你很猖狂。
then... then...
he reached for his carry case, and brought out his own laptop!!
so I said: 你更猖狂!!

last message from Robson;
"Why your face look like ghost?"

because, my laptop was on my lap maa.....!!!
I was blogging, Facebook'ing for the 2 1/2 hours !!

Sorry teacher,
I was taught: Not To Waste Your Time.
Time Is Precious.

so, I pay my respect for you for not doing other teachers' homework.
instead, I did my own thing... haha

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