Thursday, November 13, 2008

1st NOVEMBER - 7th NOVEMBER 2008

For the very first time
I've got the chance to stay all alone in the dorm room
well, its not my room actually
It's rather a hostel room which I'm staying in
cause MY ROOM is back in Penang..

so, the whole dorm is rather empty
my dorm, Wing B itself has only 2 rooms accupied
the 12th room is packed with 4 girls
I guess the friends had been sleeping together cause in the night its kinda eerie all alone, in an empty block
But the 1oth room is only singly occupied..
thats me
I've preferred to stay alone
I've always been like this

so this is how I spent my days.
Waking up may be around 9am or 10am
Breakfast, might have skipped
Lunch, usually had it with Terence, Hanif and Khai Yan
then spend some QUALITY time with my laptop
go jog once, in the evening
Dinner... again, with Terence, Hanif and Khai Yan
Spend QUALITY time with my laptop, agian =.=
since I've abandoned her so long a time
gotto sayang her back XD
That's All....!

sometimes, days went by hard when you have Nothing To Do... =/